Tuesday, September 11, 2007: 1:15 PM-5:30 PM
Civic Center Ballroom Annex (Lubbock Memorial Civic Center)
Plant Breeding and Genetics--Poster Session
Organizer:Dr. C. Wayne Smith
1:15 PMGenetics of fibre properties in arboreum cotton
Dr. Pramod Pundhir
1:15 PMDeveloping Salt Tolerant Upland Cotton
Ms. Natalia Castillo, Dr. John Gannaway
1:15 PMInheritance of fiber output and fiber length in geographical remote hybrids F1-F2 of G.barbadense L
Mr. Avtonomov Viktor Alexandrovich, Mr. Bakhtiyor Abdurashidovich Khalmanov
1:15 PMEvaluation of chlorophyll fluorescence for the identification of drought tolerance in upland cotton
Ms. Polly Longenberger, Dr. Wayne Smith, Dr. Bobbie McMichael, Dr. John Burke, Dr. Sara Duke
1:15 PMDevelopment of Extra Long Staple Upland
Dr. Wayne Smith, Dr. Eric Hequet, Dr. Steve Hague, Dr. Peggy Thaxton, Mr. Chris Souder
1:15 PMEffects of heterosis in Upland cotton
Dr. B. T. Campbell, Dr. D. T. Bowman, Dr. D. B. Weaver
1:15 PMEvaluating the Pee Dee germplasm resources
Dr. B. T. Campbell
1:15 PMPerformance of Sea Island x Upland Progeny
Mr. Gregory L. Berger
1:15 PMFiber quality traits following mutagenesis of TAM 94L-25
Mr. Nino Brown, Dr. Wayne Smith, Mr. Justin Duncan, Dr. Dick L. Auld, Dr. Steve Hague
1:15 PMAn Effective Select Procedure for Cotton Disease Resistant Breeding
Mrs. Xiangyun Zhang, Mr. Baosheng Guo
1:15 PMStudy of Introgressed Elite Gene Associate with Fiber Properties into G. hirsutums from G. barbadense
Mrs. Xiangyun Zhang, Mr. Baosheng Guo
1:15 PMPhenotypic evaluation of the CIRAD cotton germplasm collection
Dr. Dominique E.G.A. Dessauw, Dr. Bernard Hau
1:15 PMMolecular diversity of A-genome cotton
Dr. Stella Kantartzi, Dr. Erik Sacks, Dr. Mauricio Ulloa, Dr. James McD Stewart
1:15 PMQTL Analysis of resistance to verticillium wilt  using Gossypium hirsutum´G. barbadense backcross populations
Dr. Baocai Zhang, Mr. Junwen Li, Mrs. Aiying Liu, Ms. Yuzhen Shi, Ms. Yanhua Shao, Mr. Jianhong Zhang, Ms. Liang Jia, Prof. Youlu Yuan
1:15 PMReniform Nematode Resistance in G. arboreum
Mr. Carlos A. Avila, Dr. James McD Stewart, Mr. Robert T. Robbins
1:15 PMSPS Over Expression in Cotton and its Effect on Lint Yield and Fiber Quality
Dr. Jodi A. Scheffler, Ms. E. Margaret Shields, Dr. Bir Singh, Dr. A. Scott Holaday, Dr. John R. Gannaway, Dr. Candace H. Haigler
1:15 PMBiochemical Genetic Mechanism of Short  Season Upland Cotton Cultivars that express Early Maturity without Premature Senility
Dr. Shuxun Yu, Dr. Meizhen Song, Dr. Shuli Fan
1:15 PMUsing biotechnology to accelerate breeding of improved cotton varieties
Dr. Rustam K. Shadmanov, Dr. Jodi A. Scheffler
1:15 PMDevelopment of high-yielding synthetic cotton forms on the basis of karyological data.  
Mr. Miraziz Akhmedov
Dr. V. S. Dagaonkar, Dr. G.V. Umalkar, Mr. N.P. Choudhari, Ms. S.S. Alkari, Mr. L.P. Aurangabadkar
1:15 PMBreeding for oil quantity and quality using elite lines in cotton
Dr. Rajesh . S. Patil, Dr. Shreekanth. S. Patil
1:15 PMCotton germplasm collection and an updated taxonomy of Gosypium L
Dr. Abdumavlyan A. Abdullaev, Dr. V. P Klyat, Dr. Sofiya M Rizaeva, Dr. Alisher A. Abdullaev, Dr. Ibrokhim Y. Abdurakhmonov
1:15 PMPotential of limited backcross breeding in improving cotton
Dr. Shreekant . S. Patil
1:15 PMTowards an insight in to Ideotype of Cotton
Dr. Shreekant . S. Patil, Dr. Basavaraj .M. Khadi, Dr. Rajesh .S. Patil, Dr. I.S. Katageri, Dr. B.C. Patil, Dr. Manjula, M, Dr. Somashekhar D
1:15 PMCombining ability studies for fibre quality in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
Dr. Somashekhar D, Dr. Sharangouda A. Patil, Dr. Shreekant S. Patil, Dr. Rajesh .S. Patil, Dr. Basanagouda . C. Patil
1:15 PMThe Evaluation of High Tannin Cotton Lines for Resistance to Rhizoctonia solani and Pythium aphanidermatum
Mr. Ray Kennett, Dr. C. Wayne Smith, Dr. Steve Hague, Dr. Peggy Thaxton
Sponsor:Plant Breeding and Genetics

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