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Brief Curriculum Vitae For Dr. Jingyuan Xia (NATESC-MOA, Beijing, PR China)

(July 2007)

Dr. Jingyuan Xia was borne in the Hubei province, China, March 1958. He is currently working as the director-general (DG) and professor of the National Agro-tech Extension & Service Center (NATESC), the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), China. He got his BSc degree from the Central China Agricultural University in 1981, MSc degree from the University of the Philippines at Los Banos in 1988, and PhD degree from the Wageningen Agricultural University of the Netherlands in 1997, and was specialized in Entomology.

During 1981 to 2000, he worked for cotton research and management in the China Cotton Research Institute (CCRI). In CCRI, he ever served as a research assistant, assistant professor, associate professor, and professor in entomology, and ever worked as the chairman of the plant protection department, and the deputy director-general and the director-general of the institute. Since 2001, he has been working for agro-tech transfer and management in NATESC-MOA, China. Both in CCRI and NATESC, He has been serving as the leader of the national project on research and development of transgenic cottons in China.

Dr. Jingyuan Xia has published more than 80 research papers in the well-recognized scientific journals and over 10 professional books both in Chinese and English. He has visited over 20 countries (mostly cotton-producing ones) for scientific business. He has participated the international workshops, symposia and conferences for over 30 times, where he made oral (poster) presentations, and plenary (keynote) speeches. In particular, he ever served as the keynote speakers both at the 1st World Cotton Research Conference (WCRC) in 1994, Brisbane, Australia, and at the 2nd WCRC in 1998, Athens, Greece.

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