Wednesday, September 12, 2007: 3:05 PM-4:00 PM
104/105 (Lubbock Memorial Civic Center)
International Seed Federation - Pathogen Coding Project for Cotton
Overview: The International Seed Federation (ISF) recommends standard terminology for companies when they communicate with clients and growers on resistance/tolerance in their varieties to various pests or pathogens, and has designated codes for pest organisms affecting vegetable and cereal crops. To add to the ISF list of crops, Delta and Pine Land Co. has initiated a similar activity for pathogens affecting cotton and now seeks the input of scientists to identify the most important diseases that affect international cotton production. This event will consist of a Reception sponsored by Delta and Pine Land Co. Plant pathologists, nematologists, breeders, geneticists, and other interested scientists are invited to attend and provide input into developing this database.
Organizers:Dr. Jesus Rossi
Dr. Kater Hake
Sponsor:Plant Pathology and Disease Management

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