Monday, September 10, 2007: 3:25 PM-5:00 PM
108 (Lubbock Memorial Civic Center)
Plant Compensation Symposium
This symposium will review current research on plant's ability to compensate fruit loss, comparing between mechanical injury and insect-induced fruit loss.
Organizers:Dr. Jane Breen Pierce
Dr. Patricia F. O'Leary
3:25 PMIntroduction to the symposium: Current knowledge and future research need on plant compensation
Dr. Patricia F. O'Leary
3:35 PMCotton compensation of Lygus induced square loss in a limited irrigation production regime
Dr. Megha N. Parajulee, Mr. Apurba K. Barman
3:55 PMThe response of cotton to real and simulated mirid damage in Australia
Dr. Brian L. Duggan, Dr. Thomas T. Lei, Dr. Lewis J. Wilson
4:15 PMCompensation Capacity of High and Low Vigor Cotton Plants in Response to Pre-Flower Injury by Tarnished Plant Bug  (Heteroptera: Miridae)
Dr. Tina Gray Teague, Ms. Diana M. Danforth, Ms. Jennifer Lund
4:35 PMYield compensation from simulated bollworm injury in New Mexico
Dr. Jane Breen Pierce, Mrs. Patricia Yates Monk
4:50 PMSymposium wrap-up: An agronomist's perspective on compensation in the cotton plant
Dr. Thomas A. Kerby
Sponsor:Arthropod Management

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