Tuesday, September 11, 2007: 1:15 PM-5:30 PM
Civic Center Ballroom Annex (Lubbock Memorial Civic Center)
Stress/Physiology Poster Program
Organizer:Dr. Bobbie McMichael
Overexpression of ascorbate peroxidase confers drought tolerance in transgenic germplasms of cotton  
Dr. Asish Kumar Parida, Dr. Vipin S. Dagaonkar, Mr. Manoj S. Phalak, Mr. Tushar P. Borase, Dr. Randy D. Allen, Dr. Govind V. Umalkar, Mr. Laxman P. Aurangabadkar
Earliness, partitioning, and yield responses to potassium in cotton cultivars
Mrs. Jenny Clement Bailey, Dr. C. Owen Gwathmey
Increased Proteins, Endotoxin, Insect Mortality and Yield with ChaperoneTM
Dr. Derrick Oosterhuis, Dr. R.S. Brown
The use of morphophysiological methods to evaluate gossypium germplasm for drought resistance
Dr. S. Nabiev, Dr. M. Ahmedov, Dr. A. Abukhovskaya, Mr. B. Jalilov
Infleunces of potasium foliar fertilization andirrigation by diluted seawater on growth andsome chemical conistituents of cotton plants
Dr. Mohamed Moursy Hussein Hussein
Impact of drought and high temperature stresses on cotton fiber development and fiber quality
Dr. Junping Chen, Dr. John Burke
Variation in transpiration efficiency among 100 cotton lines
Dr. Zhanguo Xin, Dr. Bobbie McMichael
Transcriptional Responses of Allotetraploid Cotton Species to Salt Stress
Mr. Joshua Udall
Sponsor:Abiotic Stress Management and Physiology

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