Monday, September 10, 2007: 3:00 PM-5:30 PM
109 (Lubbock Memorial Civic Center)
Plant Responses to Cropping Systems & Management, Irrigation Options
Organizer:Dr. Robert B. Hutmacher
3:00 PMWelcoming Remarks
3:15 PMPerformance of drip irrigation systems in cotton in relation to lateral patterns and irrigation levels
Mr. Manpreet Singh, Dr. R.K. Gumber, Dr. A,S. Brar, Mr. Mukesh Siag
3:30 PMA nitrogen/insect model for conservation cotton/crop management
Dr. Joe Ellington, Dr. Tracey Carrillo, Dr. Jay Lillywhite, Dr. Denise Mcwilliams, Dr. Jeff Drake
3:45 PMSustaining cotton productivity with minimum inputs use
Mr. Elfadil A. Babiker, Mr. Ahmed M. Mustafa, Mr. Hassan O. Kanan, Mr. Ahmed . H Mohamed
4:00 PMManagement of dryland cotton production systems
Dr. Robert J. Lascano, Dr. Dan R. Krieg
4:15 PMVarietal Response to Ultra Narrow Row Cotton in Spain
Dr. Jesus Rossi, Mrs. Eva Braojos, Mr. Dimitrios Baxevanos
4:30 PMPlant density studies in San Joaquin Valley upland cotton
Mr. Steve D. Wright, Mr. Robert B. Hutmacher, Mr. Gerardo Banuelos, Mr. Mark P. Keeley, Mr. Dan Munk, Mr. Ron Vargas, Mr. Brian H. Marsh, Mr. Tome M. Duvall, Mr. Raul Delgado
Sponsor:Agronomy and Cotton Farming Systems

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