Tuesday, September 11, 2007: 1:15 PM-5:30 PM
Civic Center Ballroom Annex (Lubbock Memorial Civic Center)
Agronomy and Cotton Farming Systems Poster Session
Organizer:Dr. Robert Hutmacher
Growth and yield of American cotton(Gossypium hirsutum L.) as affected by planting methods and spacings
Dr. Gurtej Singh Cheema, Dr. J.S. Deol
Cotton lint yield response to long term application of poultry litter under conservation tillage systems
Dr. Seshadri Sajjala Reddy, Dr. Chandra Reddy, Dr. Ermson Z. Nyakatawa, Ms. Tiffany Roberson
Utilizing subsurface drip irrigation and conservation tillage in cotton production systems in the Texas rolling plains
Dr. John W. Sij, Dr. Jeffrey E. Slosser, Mr. David Bordovsky
Early production of biomass in high retention cotton
Mr. Marcelo Paytas, Mr. Stephen Yeates, Dr. Shu Fukai, Dr. Longbin Huang
Fertilizing cotton with P recovered from swine wastewater
Dr. Philip Bauer, Dr. Ariel Szogi, Dr. Matias Vanotti
Monitoring crop maturity with the normalized difference vegetation index
Dr. C. Owen Gwathmey, Dr. Donald D. Tyler
Early-compact American and late-vegetative African cotton ideotypes can address the increasing diversity of cropping conditions in Africa
Dr. Emmanuel Sekloka, Dr. Jacques Lanšon
Managing soil properties through dryland cropping system intensities
Dr. Veronica Acosta-Martinez, Dr. Ted M. Zobeck, Mrs. Jill Booker, Dr. Dan R. Upchurch
Screening of cotton (gossypium hirsutum) for tolerance to early season drought in Namibia
Mr. Twewaadha E. Alweendo Sr., Mrs. Basilia T. Shipepe
Development of a precision areawide pest management decision system for cotton – Preliminary study
Dr. Yubin Lan, Dr. W. Clint Hoffmann, Dr. John K. Westbrook
The effects of nitrogen and mepiquat chloride rates applied to an elite cotton variety
Mr. Andrew D. Hunt, Mr. Dustin K. Simmons, Dr. Keith L. Edmisten, Mr. Guy D. Collins, Mr. James E. Lanier, Mr. Gary S. Hamm
Evaluation of cotton cultivars under irrigation in South Africa
Mrs. Mathilda M. Pretorius
Effect of integrated nutrient management practices on crop productivity, fibre quality and soil properties in cotton based cropping systems
Dr. Y.R. Aladakatti, Dr. S.S. Patil, Dr. S.S. Hallikeri, Dr. H.L. Halemani, Dr. D. Blaise, Mr. R.A. Nandagavi, Mr. N.E. Naveen
Cotton response to doses and methods of phosphorus application in no-till system in the Brazilian savannah
Mrs. Maria da ConceišŃo S. Carvalho, Mr. Wilson M. Leandro, Ms. KÚzia de A. Barbosa
Different internodes length as criteria for determine the timing of application of plant growth regulators for ultra narrow-row cotton
Dr. Mario H. Mondino, Dr. Oscar A. Peterlin, Dr. Nestor A. Gomez
Intercropping of cotton with vegetables as the profitable cropping system under rainfed conditions of north Karnataka
Dr. S.S. Hallikeri, Dr. Y.R. Aladakatti, Dr. Basanagouda . C. Patil, Dr. Shreekant S. Patil
Studies on planting techniques for early sowings in cotton
Dr. S.S. Hallikeri, Dr. Y.R. Aladakatti, Dr. Basanagouda C. Patil, Dr. Shreekant . S. Patil
Sponsor:Agronomy and Cotton Farming Systems

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